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Growing up on a farm in rural Bear Creek, Alabama during the 1940’s, Fleming was immersed in nature at a very early age. Having a speech impediment as a child, he
bronze owl
chose not to speak until he was about eight years old, instead building a close bond with nature. This unique connection with the natural world remains an important creative force throughout Fleming’s art and life.

Upon graduating the University of North Alabama in Florence, Fleming worked at Boeing/NASA as an technical illustrator before attending graduate school in ceramics at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

After an eventful trip to San Francisco in 1972 where he was exposed to the work of Robert Arneson, Peter Volkus and Marilyn Levine, Fleming set up his Birmingham studio in 1973. The following year Fleming had his first one-man show at The Birmingham Museum of Art where he received rave reviews and his work gained the attention of curators from around the country.

Frank Fleming

June 17, 1940

MFA, University of Alabama

BS, University of North Alabama

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